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How to read men`s body language?


Would you like to know the man from the first moment you meet?

Can an eyebrow be a messenger to point to the heart?

Touching your face or playing a game with the teacup? Does it mean something important?

Experts offers women some timenps to read a man`s body language for the first time you meet.

Let`s suppose that, that big day came, and you are here for the first time to meet him face to face. However, you may feel a little bit disturbing not be able to understand his feelings towards you. The only way-out to this problem is to know body language. It will reveal all the clues to figure men.

He touches your face

During the talk, if he tourches your face, then you are well on your track. Watch his hands and follow their movements to figure whether he is into you. Rubbing his eyes, touching your ears and hair are something to sign that the trigger is set.

A game of teacup is not being bored

Is he playing a game with his cup while talking to you? Don`t get into panic. It is not actually to sign that he is bored, think opposite. He is actually taken with you. According to body language experts, men are prone to focusing on objects while being with women they have a crush on.

Messenger eyebrows

As stated by the experts, men turn to be over cheerful while talking to women they like. Even arms and hands move energetically crossing the borders. Men`s raised eyebrows, wide open eyes are the little details to blow the whistle on how much they like you.

Touch is something to tell

A little while during that meeting, his unconscious touch extremely will signal to what you really want to know. If he cares for you, even a shy man will dare to touch your elbow, back, waist and on, so be careful. However, don`t decide on quickly. Touches by chance are ok, but conscious feelings decode that he isn`t indifferent to you.


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