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How to prevent belly sagging after pregnancy?


Unwanted weight during pregnancy is lost after birth, however, umbilicus area does not return to a normal for a while and sags can be experienced. Well, how to deal with this situation?

Regardless of paying attention to during pregnancy, it is imperative to gain certain weight both for a healthy baby and birth. Some women lose this weight easily after birth, however again she can not survive from belly sagging. This problem that fat women face even with dieting, is only solved with the help of exercise and proper nutrition.

Abdominal muscles loosening, excess skin, fat, pelvic arch relaxation can cause belly sagging after pregnancy. You can return the body before pregnancy, yet it requires time and effort. Only with giving birth you can lose 5kg. This may be less than the weight you gained during pregnancy, but so as to tighten the pelvic arch, burning extra calories, you should make an effort and see the result. Aerobic exercises are necessary to burn calories. If your baby does not give you enough time, you can make them join to your exercises as well. Just, start slowly, even walking 1,5km ensures you to burn 100 calories. Put your baby in the stroller and every day go for a walk together. When you feel yourselves fit and feel self-confident as well, you can prefer the strollers convenient for walking, increase your speed and distance you walk every day. Furthermore, pilates and yoga exercises aim your central part, means the core area. In purpose of surviving from belly sagging after birth, it is necessary to do exercises which aim to tighten your core areas.

Lie down in the shape that your soles are on the ground and your knees are twisted. Take breathe and breathe out while lifting the basin to the ceiling. Make sure that your back and shoulders are not separated from the floor during the movement. Only your pelvic bone should be moving. Return to the starting position and make 3 sets of 15 as many as you can or as many as you can.

Consume vegetables, skimmed milk products and lean protein. Do not hunger yourself and do not skip meals. If you are breastfeeding, skipping meals can make your heart more stubborn because your metabolism will slow down. Moreover, if you are not breastfeeding, start to breastfeed your babies. In comparison with mothers who are giving ready meal to their babies, the mothers breastfeed their babies are more likely to lose their weight much faster. Because of the secretion of the hormone oxytocin, it will become sick and will return to its original size faster. Also, you can spend 500 calories a day because milk production.

Another useful recommendation so as to escape belly sagging is to drink too much water during the day and to avoid body dehydration. It should be borne in mind that mothers who are breastfeeding babies need water too much.


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