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PANDORA 2017 Summer Collection


Each handycrafted “PANDORA 2017 Summer Collection” gives glorious summer glimpse with wonderful colors and fun designs.

PANDORA is a famous jewelery brand with its handycarfted pieces. The “PANDORA 2017 Summer Collection” ,inspired by tropical islands, the rich world of the oceans and popular summer icons, gives glorious summer glow with its wonderful colors and fun designs.

Tropical paradise on your wrist

PANDORA`s “Tropical Paradise”, specially designed for 2017, brings the items of the oceans and tropical islands to your wrists with glamorous charm. Those items are eye-catching with their charm designs.

 “PANDORA Moments Knit Bracelet” new design

PANDORA with its new famous eye-catching Moments Knit Bracelet are here for you for 2017 summer. The genuinely designed leather wristbands, in different combinations of styles and colors, will give you elegance throughout the summer. You enjoy their different shades of blue and pink colors by wearing them separately or just combining with your style.

PANDORA charms of Rich oceans

PANDORA carries them peaceful and serene tones of the seas to charm and clips. Being inspired by the rich oceans, from starfish to seashells, you can create an eye-catching style with different combinations of “Sea Life” and “Treasures of the Oceans”. The “Blue Mosaic Shimmering Elegance” clips with eye-catching tones of blue gives the wristbands stylish look with silicone grips.


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