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Nasal congestion solution (Natural remedy)


Nasal congestion knows no season. There are a lot of people suffering from nasal congestion in all seasons. If you are one of those looking for natural solutions, we are here with a few.  Here they are …

There felt increase in nasal congestion problems due to the unstable temperature and pollens. Here are some tips for the solution to this problem and apply one of them to put an end.

Natural solution

The ingredients at home and their mixture is highly recommended. But first see a doctor.

With just fingers

Fingers are the most simple and easiest way outs. Put your thumb and index finger to your nostril and breathe in and out while moving them up.

Natural mixture

Boil a half glass of water and let it cool for a few minutes. Add ½ dessert spoon of salt and the same amount of sodium bicarbonate to the water and spir the mixture. Close one of your nostrils and pour the mixture with syringe into it. Repeat the same procedure to your other nostril.

Shift your sleeping position

Sleeping position has a direct effect on nasal congestion if you go through this problem at nights. Finger method the best and effective method to overcome it.

Strong menthol smell

Strong smells such as menthol may be a good choice.

Hot towel

Wet a towel in some hot water and put it onto your face not pressing too much and try to breathe in and out.

Natural remedy mixture

Boil some water, add menthol and some lemon juice into it and them. Put your nose close to the water and allow your nostrills to breathe in and out the steam coming off the water.


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