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Idle Space in Home?


Whether small or big, everyone needs some idle space in his home. Some empty, idle spaces can be used in many different ways. Here are the ideas and ways.

To get perfect decoration, it is better to consider the idle spaces to make home more spacious and refresh the rooms. Many areas at home, such as under the stairs, empty spaces between ceilings` columns can be easily transformed into living spaces. Right decoration preferences can make it functional, esthetic and furthermore, increase the quality of life in many different ways. If you have those areas at home, then you are in the right place to get inspired by the decorating ideas to start changes.

Window protrusions

In some houses, windows are designed with outward protrusions that are not to similar those seem in standard architectures as in this example; these areas are not so big or spacious and fail to fit into furniture. The designers frequently make mistake especially by putting sofas or armchairs in front of expanding sides and make the space dysfunctional. However, the extensions would gain wideness with low and wide jambs, stylish mattress and cushion would make it wonderful and spacious just like in this picture.

Narrow space between columns and walls 

One of the most common things that mostly seen in large houses is that there are other supporting columns besides the four walls. These columns are especially remnants of a wide attic. The narrow spaces between these columns remain idle. In these case, creativity steps in and become part of the effort. These spaces are usually designed with decorative accessories such as puffs and paintings. Nevertheless, they can be fit into furniture and transferred into mini-rooms such as mini study rooms seen in above picture.

Mini-rooms under stairs

The same is true for the idle understairs space. The space under the stairs remain idle most time, however it can be very functional and useful in many different ways. One of these ways is to turn it into a mini-room.

Extra storage space

It is needed everywhere. Create extra storage spaces in stairwells and make it useful inside house.

Zen gardens

Create small beautiful gardens in the house. Idle spaces inside the house are the best places to put this idea into reality. Chose the spaces, which are not social and fuctional, and get down the business to create ZEN garden there


These spaces are generally unclean, damp and used as storage spaces. However, they are the best spaces in the house to create miracles. They can be best to come up as a bedroom. Consider the attics and design them in many different ways. The best choice and preference is to turn them into a small reading room.


Another area inside the house is stairwell. Especially in homes without balconies and gardens, these places can serve you as a life-saving paradise.


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