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How to prevent muscle loss while losing weight?


Experts are here with tips in building muscles and achieving maximum performance via workout

Beach season is very close to start, the gyms and open areas are much more packed with exercising people than ever! Experts here give some important tips for building muscles and achieving maximum performance in workout by underlining the importance of healthy nutrition, water and sleep as well.

With the coming summer, the extra pounds behind the thick clothes appear to be visible. That is why, beach season heads the crowds of people to gyms, open fields and hiking trails to get rid of them and become fit.

Exercise means a healthy body and healthy life style, it is true for all seasons, and should not be done to be in shape only just for summer. However, there are some steps to follow not to overload or damage your body. Regular exercise or a workout, balanced nutrition, a good quality of sleep and adequate amount of water consumption are necessary to lead a healthy life. Experts say that if the people, especially those who are training to building muscles miss one of these elements will face some health problems. Since the body starts to build the muscles, the need of body for water increases. Therefore, a milliliter of water is recommended to drink for each burned calorie.

 Here are the tips that the experts give for building muscle and achieving high performance in workout:

  •  Eat high-carbohydrate meals 1-1,5 hours before a workout. Don`t stay hungry.
  •  If you are going to exercise in the morning, then eat some bread in breakfast.
  •  If you are going to exercise before breakfast of after the work, then carbohydrate rich fruit, dried fruit, milk and oat are the ideal choice.
  •  Drink a plenty of water before a workout.
  •  Consume water while exercising. Drinking a glass of water every half an hour increases both your performance and flushes out the toxins.
  •  In the first hour after a workout, have proteins such as lean meat, chicken, fish, carbohydrates such as pasta, bread, soup and salad and fruit which are natural antioxidants.
  •  Enough amount of water consumption during a workout will cause the urination in the first hour after you finish it. Otherwise, you may face negative consequences such as fluid overload in kidneys and temperature rise.
  • Keep on consuming water even after a workout.  It will make easier to keep your appetite under control and replace your water loss.



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