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How should children be fed in summer?


Children spend most of their time on beach and in swimming pools during the summer holidays. How to feed them to protect them from the heat?

Dieticians are here with some nutrition tips for summer:

Heat effects liquid loss

In summer, we lose electrolyte and water while sweating due to intense physical activity and hot tempearture. Liquid loss should not be ignored, especially in children. This loss should be first met with liquid such as water, buttermilk, fresh-squized fruit juice and compote. Make the setting more entertaining by using coloured pitchers and glasses.

Ice-Cream. But there is only but…

Make them happy with natural dairy ice-cream rather than the one that is full of chocolate and high in calorie. Natural dairy ice-cream varies in types and they are the easiest way to get a lot of beneficial minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus in the summer to cool off. However, the consumption should not be exagerated. Home made snacks with fruit, cocoa and milky smoothies can also be part of their entertainment, instead of ice-cream.

 Smoothie Recipe to Grow Taller

A glass of milk+a handful of purslane+a piece of dried fig+a tablespoon of molasses

Protective Smoothie Recipe

2 carrets+3 apricots+a bowl of yoghurt

Snack/Junk food is not always harmful

One of the big mistakes that most family members make is throwing packaged goods into their bags while going to beaches, because they are very easy and practical to take. They mix biscuits, cakes, crackers with the food that is poor in quality and high in glycemix index, and consume them with children all day long on vacation. They turn back very late and hungry, and late meals most time ends in eating too much. However, the bag should be packaged with snacks such as toasted cereal with wheat flour, white chesse with wheat floor or bread with cheese along with dietary biscuits, tomatoes, cucumbers, various fresh fruit such as hazelnut, almond, walnut instead of those above mentioned food.

Make your lunch rich with salads along with grilled meat, chicken, fish or cheese which are good supplement of protein. To make it more practical, you can make sandwich with bread, leaf tuna fish, plenty of greens,feta cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers.

So you can keep children away from harburgers and fries that are high in calories and causes fat in them.

Make this summer the best summer, avoid the wrong ways of nutrition and change their bad habit by turning to the healty and enjoyable life.


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