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Caesarean or natural birth?


First choice should not be caesarean…

From the first days of the pregnancy, the mother candidate’s mind is occupied by an important question: “natural birth or caesarean?” The answer to the question is the development status of the bone-forming gestation of the mothers, the beginning of the birth, the course of the birth and the previous births. The experts who emphasize that this important decision should be made by doctors, because this is more convenient for mother and baby health. “The possibility of normal birth can be assessed on the first screen, if possible cesarean should not be the first choice”, they mentioned.

The experts point out that birth is a cause of concern for the mother candidates for a short period of time and that the increasing lethargy makes the wrong decisions, after which the normal healing period is shorter than that of the cesarean section, he said. Experts also emphasize that as the birth approaches, the mother candidates said that they could have adversities such as the lack of oxygen around the cord and that their babies were healthy. However, normal birth is more healthy than caesarean section. Moreover, normal birth is difficult and it requires more patience but until birth. “If it is anticipated that there will be no adverse medical condition, normal birth should be chosen, cesarean should not be the first choice” experts stressed.

Every normal birth is easier than before; every cesarean is risky

The experts enumerating the advantages of normal birth for a mother and a baby pointed out the following statements:

“After birth, women are comfortable even if they have stitches, can take a bath on the same day, or even look after their babies without the help of anyone. After the normal birth period, baby’s  learning process of sucking, mother’s return to ideal weight and starting to exercises are easier. In this delivery method, there is no intraabdominal adhesions that can cause mothers trouble during cesarean section. Since there is no normal birth operation, the risk of blood loss, infection and clot is much lower. Every normal birth is easier and seamless than before. Every cesarean is more risky than before.”

Planned caesarean section is better than emergency caesarean section

Experts are emphasizing that planned caesarian is much better than the emergency one, as they are helpful for mothers’ mental health and several medical complications, they also point out that it may not be the time or possibility for the baby to expect normal birth in situations that will cause some complications.

Cesarean birth is the first choice in cases where mother candidates come in the opposite position of the first birth experience or the baby is over 4 kilograms, the mother’s previous uterine operations, the shortness of the bone, an infection in the vagina during childbirth. Placental insufficiency, baby’s heart rhythm disturbance, etc., also make it compulsory to apply for an emergency cesarean section.

Cesarean delivery with general anesthesia can cause delays in cases such as gas extraction, eating and breastfeeding. The period of hospitalization is much longer than the normal birth of the mother during her return to her daily life. Epidural anesthesia should not be the first cesarean delivery method, although it is possible to testify at birth, nurse the baby immediately and control the surgical pain. However, it is not true that the cesarean section should open up a total war and force births to be normal.

Is normal delivery possible after caesarean section?

Experts who point out that some maternal candidates can have normal birth after cesarean section emphasized the importance of evaluating patient narrative for this. “The most positive finding is that the patient has previously had a normal birth. The patient who has had a normal birth once, has the potential to have a normal birth even though she has given birth by cesarean method in the subsequent pregnancies. If the previous cesarean section is cut from the lower segment, the risk of tearing at normal birth is reduced.

If the pelvic bone structure of the mother and the availability of cervical opening and the baby’s weight are low, normal birth after cesarean section can be possible. However, it is absolutely necessary to follow the birth with electronic baby heart beat system and the physician should be in front of the patient. It is better to give up if the expectation of birth progresses slowly and the baby’s heartbeats become irregular.

In summary, mothers who wish to have a normal birth after the cesarean section should share these wishes with their physicians, analyze the positive and negative findings well before making a definite decision, choose a hospital that serves with all units including full days and weekends and ensure that their doctors will be with them during the birth.


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