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Bathroom Design Ideas (2017 design ideas)


It is time for the one who are full of ideas about bathroom alterations. Here we are with new 2017 bathroom decorating ideas. Our website is the best place to feed your with new ideas. Let`s start…

Good news for the ones who want to renew their bathrooms. 2017 bathroom decorating ideas will help you with new ideas and suggestions to make changes. İf you want to see the latest fashionable decoration examples, so let`s start with 2017 ones.

Before starting planning and decorating your bathroom, the first consideration you should probably make for your bathroom is the layout and dimension. Long, square, broad, narrow all come in forms of question to maked decisions on decorating the bathroom.

Decorating ideas for small bathrooms

While decorating, you can make your bathroom look so wide with your touch.

Avoid big cabinets. İnstead, try to buy under sink storage for your bathroom.
*Use stare shelves for your accessories and other bathroom amneties.
*Bathroom mirrow will make your bathroom look more spacious.
*Choose light colours with different shades for the wall and floor.
*Install Shower cabins intead bathtubs.


Square bathroom layout design ideas        

The best side and most prominent feature of a square bathroom is that it is suitable for use. It makes it more spacious.

*Install a bathtub or shower cabinet on one corner of the wall.
*Install glass shower enclosures instead of shower curtains.
*Feel free to install closet and shelves wherever you wish.
*Paint the wall in a different colour to make it differ form the other walls.
*Put a bamboo in a corner and use other accessories and rug to give more decorative air.
*Put patterned and multicolored paper on the wall with the light coloured floor.


Long narrow bathroom design ideas

Long narrow bathrooms are difficult one to renew and decorate. Try to use amenities as few as you can to make it spacious.
*Install a basin lenght closet that will store all necessary necessary bathroom amneties.
*Hang shelves above the wall.
*Hang a long mirror on the wall above the sink. It The bathroom will appear more spacious wtih these mirrors.
*The bathroom will gain more depth in dynamic floor with light colors.
*Arrenge  a space for shower, if not possible install shower cubicles instead


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