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9 Food that help you tan faster


Get tanned reducing the amount the sunshine. You will not need to stay under the sun any longer with this food… Here are 9 tips

Dietitians point out to the foods that increase melanin synthesis and have positive effects on tanning. They recommend drinking smoothie to reduce the amount of hours of staying under the sun.

No need to stay for hours under the sun to get tanned

Sun tanning is long and difficult process. Dieticians say that staying under the sun for hours to achieve your goal is very dangerous and even harmful for your health. Don’t lose your beauty and health for that target. Reducing the amount of hours of staying under the sun is more likely to harm you. They recommend drinking tan shots every day before taking a sunbath to get permanent glow tanned body. 

9 Food that help you tan faster

Tanning is the darkening of human skin through physiological processes after the exposure either to natural rays or to some unnatural rays such as UV. Through these rays, the skin starts getting tanned. Furthermore, tanning can have some side effects such as freckles, spots, capillary aneurysms and skin cancer. Dieticians suggest that by adopting a few changes in your diet, you will hit your target for a short time. Vitamin A, C, E, carotene and tyrosine rich food will speed up tanning. All this will give you glowing skin as well.

Apricots:  Reduce risk of cancer while heping you tan

Apricot is a kind of useful food for your health and protective against cancer with it antioxidant contents. It reduces the risk of skin cancer. It is also effective against constipation. Vitamin A found in apricot speeds up tanning.

Carrots: Helpful to your skin

Besides its Vitamin A and carotene contents, carrot is also rich in potassium. They are helpful to combat skin cancer and sunspots. Antioxidant contents make it powerful to stand against cancer. Carrot is good for anemia and useful in lowering cholesterol. It prevents skin from getting dry and comes good for ulcer. It removes facial and neck wrinkles as well.

Pumpkins: Detox effect

Pumpkin is rich in Vitamin A and niacin. It is good for lazy bowel syndrome and soothes the nerves. It has detox effect in flushing toxins out.

Eggs: high-protein

Egg has the highest quality protein after mother`s milk. With its tyrosine content, egg is one of those foods to help you to get tanned quickly. Moreover, egg yolk is very rich in Vitamin A. Actually, it is the yolk that help you to get your target. However, the density of an egg yolk does not point to the intensity of Vitamin A.

Melon and watermelons: Refreshing

Melon and watermelon are in themselves are one of those above mentioned fruit which share the same benefits and play an important role helping you tan. Vitamin A content accelerates this effect. They have detox effect and natural properties to remove the excess fluid from the body.

Peaches: Remove excess fluid and beat insomnia

Peach is rich in Vitamin A. It is irreplaceable fruit of the season and facilitates digestion, boosts immune system, removes excess fluid, relieves insomnia

Turkey: Reduces the calories

Turkey with tyrosine content is the best to choose in summer to tan. Compared to other types of meat, turkey is low in its calorie contents and useful to reduce the intake calories.

Black grape: Reduces skin cancer

Black grape seeds have more important healthful sides than its effect on tanning. Oligomeric proanthocyanidins in seeds protect body against the harmful sun rays. Dry grape seeds are very helpful to fight cancer.

Smoothie recepies for tanning

Dieticians always stress the harmful side of sun rays. That is why, they recommend drinking soothie before taking a sunbath both to get tanned and minimize the risk factor. With these drinks, you will spend few hours under the sun, furthermore will get best result in having permanent glowing skin. Vitamin A, C, E, carotene, tyrosin are quite rich nutrients to give natural, glowing tanning.

Smoothie 1

  • Three apricots
  • One carrot
  • Two cucumbers
  • One peach

Smoothie 2

  • A slice of pumpkin
  • One kiwi
  • A half of avocado
  • 1/3 bunch of parsley

Smoothie 3

  • A slice of watermelon
  • One apple
  • 1/2 bunch of spinach
  • Two tomatoes

Smoothie 4

  • Three apricots
  • A half of mango
  • A piece of root ginger
  • Three cucumbers

Squize all these fruits and mix them with ice. Enjoy their taste while getting tanned.


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