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5 tips for choosing outdoor furniture


With the coming season, it is already time to start choosing outdoor furniture. It is necessary to consider the factors such as color, comfort, performance, durability and the same time esthetics furniture. Those are the main factors that add colorits to garden, balconies, terrace and make them more alive and colorful. The furniture made of materials such as teakwood, synthetic rattan and aluminium has different performance and preferences.

1-Durable and withstanding to outdoor exposure

While choosing furniture, make sure you are looking for high quality of outdoor furniture which is durable. The quality of raw materials that the furniture made of is very important in its performance, durability and maintenance.

The raw materials of the furniture must be useful for outdoor usage and resistant to outdoor conditions. Otherwise, rusty and colorless furtiure will blow your money and energy into the air.

2-High quality is priority

Make sure the quality and performance of the furniture made of synthetic rattan which is long standing and resistant to outdoor exposure. The ending muts be well concealed and the knits must be in a strethced and straight order. Synthetic rattan furniture with its high flexibility and tensile strengh is preferable in all seasons and easy to wipe with water and brush.

3-Use A-quality teak tree!

Teak tree is one of the hardest wood in the world and is rich with natural oils and components which make it resistant to even the harsh weather conditions. Teak tree is among the top preferable products. Indonesia is a place of these trees. While choosing furniture made of teak trees, make sure they are cut from state lisensed forests and is in high A quality.

Teak tree is very valuable and rare in nature. That is why, be careful about the age of tree and the way it was produced. These trees are dried in a proper way and pass other process through right machines during the production. They are in best and high quality and the furniture made of it can serve yor for a long time.

4-Choose aluminium if you wish light

Aluminum furniture withstands all kinds of weather conditions and can be used for many year. Because it is very light in usage, easy to clean, moreover, it doesn`t oxidize. It is stainless and very useful for outdoor activities. Soap and water are all you need to clean it in a short time.

5-Comfortable design, medium-firm cushion and anti-tarnish fabric

The comfort and convenience of the outdoor furniture is also important for the health. Chosen furniture must be in quality not to cause pains in wait, back and muscles. The furniture should be designed with anti-tarnish fabrics and the cushions must be in medium-firm and fit to its desing. You can decide on the firmness of the cushions and colour of fabrics in accordance with the concept of design.


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