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10 clues for a better relationship


Experts give you some tips through which you can go and have a sound relationship.

We all forget small gestures in our relationship when it is well on its track, or on it is “routine”. However, by addressing them, we can make our life with our partner even much better.

Here we give you some clues from the experts to keep your relationship on his lighthouse.

Switch off your cell phones

It is high time for you to switch off your cell phones, especially in the evenings, if you are an active slider on social networks. There is a big contrast between leading a happy relationship and being a social network user. Some people prefer heading to cell phones to message, instead of talking to them face to face while having quarrels. However, it is one of the ways just to keep distance between he and she. Talking to them may be a little bit difficult, but it will help to fix things for a while.

Go to bed together

You think you don`t spend enough time with your partner? Especially, women are more sensitive in this issue. The solution: go to bed together. Sleeping may be only time where you can find peace and enjoy time by being together. If you are a late night sleeper, then escort her/him to bed and stay there until she/he falls sleep. Touch him/her, embrace her/him while being in bed. Make sure you have enough sleep. Because partners with insufficient sleep are more likely to argue.

Make him/her a cup of coffee

You don`t always need to surprise her/him with your gestures. A piece of toast made in the morning is one of those gestures to please her/him. Constant gestures are the elements of a happy relationship. Besides constant gestures, which add oddness to your relationship, make him/her feel special.

Talk about old but funny memories

Talk about your first days, the times when you were both on cloud nine of love. Recall the places where you both have been, played like kids and joyful of happiness. Old but good memories are funny ones. According to some research based on motivation and feelings, experts state that the couples full of old funny moments are happy and still positive. They are happier than those couples who had good memories but were void in fun. Old funny memories update the status of relationships.

Excercise until you sweat

Regular exercise increase strength, flexibility and long-term durability in bed. However, each exercise has its certain results.  Exercise releases endorphin, which is in turn, stimulates adrenaline flow. This all sexually ignites couple. Sports activities such jogging, walking, biking have a positive effect on your sexual drive along with increasing your heartbeats. Sexual drive will evoke your partner, and you both will get an exciting moment.

Dance before dinner

The couples who enjoy their coupledom are the ones trying new things. Dinner is one the moments when you feel free to add some colors. While cooking, turn on the music and dance to the rhythm. It is not with your concept. Then switch it into another type or genre, or sing your song. Grab her turn to fix dinner, make salad yourself and sing your song to the eternity.

Exit badroom routine

Leave your room or change it mood where you are “dressed” in an official way with introduction, main and conclusion parts. Desire or pleasure, being satisfied with sex is the main thing in your life. Sex does not like boundaries or rules, it`s impulsive, something that drives to. Try to make love where you have never done. The changes you are having now and then prompts dopamine. Dopamine secretion intensifies positive mood. Just don`t give long explanations, just keep it short by telling your aim.

Give a hug

Hugs and taking by hands are one of those powerful foundations to hold relationships. The more you touch him/her, the more you feel peaceful. Touching is one of the ways to feel calm and sound. You are giving a positive energy away while giving hugging him.

Ask new things

If questioned, it will be obvious that majority of couples are full of subjects such as friends, work, kids to talk. When was the last time you asked him/her about field of interests? Everyone changes as relationships develops. Compared to the first years of relationships, your partner may experience some changes in her/his interest, wishes, however, if not, anyway ask something to make her/him sure that you are still in love with him/her.

Be grateful

Think about the things that your partner has done to you or made you feel special. Just be grateful. Partners are the ones in relationships who help you, meet your needs, the ones with whom your feel comfortable. Most of people forget being grateful in simple way, however….You…Yes, you…Have you ever been grateful to your partner for just being your life?


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